Why and How to Make Your TikTok Content More Relatable

Have you ever wondered what magical quality makes certain TikTok videos especially popular? In most cases, it’s possible to identify factors like the trending audio that was used, the inclusion of popular hashtags, and so on. That being said, one of the most essential qualities of popular videos on TikTok is relatability. It’s what makes a video really resonate with viewers, to the point where they’ll “like” it, leave a comment, or follow your account. Sometimes it’s tricky to figure out how to make your content more relatable, but with the tips below you could start seeing results sooner than you thought.


What if you don’t want to wait, though? In that case, you could buy followers on TikTok to create the impression that you’re already successful. If casual viewers decided to join in on the fun, this could turn them into dedicated followers. Regardless, you should still focus on making your content as relatable as possible. Why is this important, and how can you do it? To learn more about it, just keep reading!


Why having relatable content on TikTok is key

Think about why people enjoy watching certain types of content. It could be because they want to be educated on a certain topic, and they’ve found a creator who makes high-quality videos that gives them what they’re looking for. Or, maybe they want to be entertained, and some creators really tickle their funny bone. Other people want to be inspired, so they find content that gives them ideas for their own projects or goals.


The common denominator in all of these scenarios is that the content is relatable to the target audience. Keep in mind that no creator will be relatable to everyone; the main goal should be finding relevance with a target audience. This is an essential part of increasing your following on TikTok. If people like the content you’re making, they’ll come back for more. When they really connect with your content, that’s when you’ve found the recipe for success.


How to make your TikTok videos more relatable

If you’re new to TikTok content creation, you may just be depending on instinct and hard work. These are great to have, but the following tips should help take your content to another level.


  1. Find your target audience

This may not be applicable to specific content creation techniques, but it’s just as important as anything else you can do as a creator on TikTok. Before making your content more relatable, you have to figure out who you want to relate to. Are you trying to get the interest of the DIY crowd? Maybe you’re hoping to make a splash in the makeup guru niche. Whatever the case, it’s vital to fine-tune your content to your target audience. Without this step, you’ll have a much harder time making content that’s both entertaining and relevant.


  1. Look at what other creators are doing in the same niche

Given how much of TikTok’s content is based on lip-syncing to viral audios, there’s no shame in taking inspiration from similar creators. It’s important to put your own original spin on whatever you do, but at the same time, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel every time. If you can tell that a specific strategy is really resonating with viewers who enjoy content from your niche, feel free to incorporate that into your videos.


  1. Make your personality part of your brand

If your goal is to become a famous TikTok star, you may treat your account as a brand or business, more than a personal endeavor. However, your videos should still be defined by your personality. Why? Because this helps viewers feel more connected with you, which is practically the definition of relatability. If your followers feel like you’re putting your heart and soul into your content, as well as your time and effort, this makes them more likely to become loyal viewers.


  1. Avoid being too salesy

Many successful creators end up with brand sponsorships or even their own merchandise to sell. This means that some of their content will be focused on products, rather than their typical videos. Sponsored content is common on TikTok, but it has to be done correctly. If viewers feel like they’re just being used to increase your bank balance, they’ll probably look for an alternative creator who’s less pushy. One popular way to feature sponsored content is to turn the ad into a skit. Even if the average viewer doesn’t love hearing about mobile games or specialized water bottles, they’ll certainly watch a humorous skit about it from one of their favorite creators.


  1. Make blog-style videos

For creators who focus on high production values or aesthetic videos, it can be pretty rare to see content made with a hand-held camera that shows the unfiltered reality of their lives. However, this is a great way to relate to your audience. You may not get the perfect angles or lighting every time, but vlog-style videos can help you connect with viewers on a more personal level.


  1. Follow trends that fit your niche

Even though it’s important to create original content, TikTok also places a heavy emphasis on trends like viral audios or challenges. Videos that follow these trends are more likely to land on users’ For You pages, which is one of the best ways to gain new followers. TikTok users seemingly can’t get enough of these trends, so if you want to give your viewers what they want, you should keep an eye out for trends to follow. Just make sure they’re relevant to your niche, otherwise your followers could be a bit confused.


There’s no mystery to making your TikTok content more relatable

If you’re still working on making it big on TikTok, it can be difficult to find the “secret formula” that will make your videos click with viewers. However, this isn’t as complicated as you may think. By following some practical tips and staying consistent, you should quickly find the path to success!