Why Choosing the Right Niche Makes All the Difference on TikTok


If you’re just starting to build your following on TikTok, you may not have chosen your niche yet. Even if you’re brimming with ideas for content, this isn’t enough to help your account take off. Why not? Because you need to decide on your niche first. This is an important part of helping your account stand out from the competition, which is necessary if you want to grow your following quickly. It will also help you fine-tune your branding, and identify your target audience.

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Why is choosing the right niche so important on Tiktok?

There are several reasons why; the most basic one has to do with helping your account gain traction. The simple truth is that potential followers like creators who have well-defined content. If a creator is putting out videos in multiple niches, they’re essentially trying (and usually failing) to capture several target audiences at once. A few people might appreciate celebrity gossip videos, while others might enjoy cooking tutorials. If you put out a makeup review, that could get a positive reaction as well. Unfortunately, the people who liked one type of video probably won’t stick around for the other ones; that’s just how it works.


By sticking with a single niche, your followers will know exactly what to expect. If they liked your past content, they can be fairly certain that they’ll like your upcoming videos – and they’ll eagerly watch your account so they don’t miss the next upload. This is exactly what you want, as follower loyalty is everything when growing a TikTok page.


Another reason is more about being able to sustain your creativity. There are countless niches on TikTok, and many of them are very popular. You could choose one of the bigger niches, and maybe even gain a sizeable following on the platform. However, if your heart isn’t in it, you may not be able to keep making interesting, relevant content. Pick a niche that you’re actually enthusiastic about, on the other hand, and it’ll be much easier to create content that resonates with your fans. This is why you shouldn’t merely choose a niche on TikTok; you should choose the right niche.


Popular niches on TikTok

Whatever your hobbies, interests, or talents happen to be, there’s probably already a niche carved out for it on TikTok. That being said, certain niches are extremely popular. For some people, their preferred tactic is to choose a more obscure topic so there isn’t as much competition for views. For others, the best option seems to be one of the more popular niches, which are constantly attracting new followers. If you’re interested in creating within one of these niches, here are the top choices:

  • Gaming

From tutorials to gameplay highlights, gaming content is hugely popular across many different platforms. In most cases, gaming TikTok creators are already pretty skilled at certain games; viewers tune in to see their high scores or hear their expert opinions. There are also plenty of opportunities for brand deals, which makes this niche even more appealing.

  • Wellness or fitness

More people than ever are focusing on their own health and wellness; if they find a TikTok account that helps them on their journey, so much the better! This type of content can focus on “what I eat in a day” videos, meal prep tutorials, healthy recipes, or fitness routines and tips. There’s often a focus on aesthetics as well as practical information, which makes it that much more appealing. This niche is also full of opportunities for brand deals; creators collaborate with companies to promote supplements, workout equipment, and more.

  • Style and fashion

Whether a creator buys their clothes from Chanel or Shein, they can amass a significant following in this niche. Viewers enjoy videos such as try-on hauls, styling tips, or even attempts to style comically ugly clothes. Beauty and fashion brands are eager to sponsor these types of videos, especially since it’s easy to make sponsored products the star of the show.

  • Makeup and skincare

Some creators focus on essential skincare tips, while others amaze their followers with incredible makeup looks. Fans can follow their favorite creators for tutorials, tips, reviews, and much more. This is another niche that gets a lot of brand collaborations, since a creator can simply feature or review a sponsored product in a dedicated video.

  • Baking and cooking

This niche became extremely popular during the pandemic, when more people had extra time to spend getting creative in the kitchen. Even now that the pandemic is over, the baking and cooking corner of TikTok still has a ton of viewers. Some creators focus on quick and easy recipe hacks, while others do elaborate tutorials for complicated dishes. Common sponsorships include cooking gadgets, subscriptions from meal delivery companies, and more.


Which types of content should you avoid?

Even though there are plenty of awesome niches to choose from, some of them aren’t so great. These are the types of content you should avoid making:

  • Videos that lack authenticity
  • Low-quality content
  • Videos on inappropriate topics
  • Clickbait content
  • Videos that are offensive

Sometimes you could find yourself in a gray area here; for example, what people find offensive varies widely from person to person. However, you’ll generally know if a video could be crossing a line. As long as you aren’t purposely centering your account around these things, you should be fine.


Which niche will you choose for your TikTok?

TikTok is full of content creators who are all trying to build their followings. If you want to succeed, finding the right niche is one of the first steps you should take. Viewers will be able to tell when you put genuine passion into your content, and this can help you succeed on TikTok.