These are the Most Popular Types of Content on TikTok

These are the Most Popular Types of Content on TikTok



TikTok is all about popularity. The algorithm is specifically set up to recognize appealing content as well as emerging trends, and push those videos onto users’ For You pages. If you’re trying to make it big on TikTok, you may be wondering which type of content you should focus on. Some people find success making content in obscure niches, where there’s less competition but plenty of passionate viewers to go around. However, these types of videos aren’t as likely to get widely promoted by the algorithm, let alone go viral. More often, budding TikTok creators choose one of the popular niches below. This gives them much broader appeal, and a better shot at racking up views, likes, and followers.


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The question is, what will your content be about? If you want to be part of TikTok’s most popular content categories, these are the ones to consider.


Pet content

The internet can’t get enough of animals, whether they’re adorable kittens or loyal hunting dogs. #Pettok is especially popular, with creators devoting entire accounts just to their pets. As long as your pet has a personality – good or bad! – they have the potential to be a star on TikTok. #PetsofTikTok has around 74 billion views, and #Pets has around 88 billion views. Creators film their pets goofing off, performing a new trick, or simply being adorable. There’s always room for another pet content creator, and it’s a great way to show the world how much you love your furry friend.


Life hack and advice content

The great thing about this category is that it can cover just about any topic. Do you want to give relationship advice? This is the place for you. What about cooking hacks? You’ll fit right in. Some people focus on sharing their own experiences, while others make motivational content. If you look at #AdviceTok, you’ll find creators who offer tips to improve your physical and emotional wellbeing, plus general self-care content. #Parenting has nearly 30 billion views, and #Advice has just over 32 billion views. Then there’s #LifeHacks, clocking in at over 80 billion views. There’s a huge demand for life hacks and advice, which makes this one of TikTok’s most popular niches.


Cooking and recipe content

From gourmet pastry chefs to home cooks who aren’t afraid to experiment, this niche is full of immensely popular creators. There are cooking tutorials, viral recipe challenges, meal prep videos, and more. Some creators even base their cooking or recipe content on their inability to cook, so that viewers follow along on their journey to learning new techniques and recipes. Even if you can barely boil an egg, this niche could be the perfect place for you. #Recipe has over 65 billion views, and #Cooking has over 141 billion views. Then there’s #Food, which has an impressive 486 billion views.


Fashion content

There’s always a need for fashion inspiration, and TikTok’s creators have more than enough to provide for their followers. They talk about how they developed their personal styles, go over seasonal essentials, and introduce viewers to new fashion trends. There are also unboxing and try-on haul videos, which are massively popular as well. Some creators go for the wow factor with Louis Vuitton purses and Chanel overcoats, while others appeal to thrifting fanatics with hauls from local second-hand stores. #FashionTikTok has over 53 billion views, and #Fashion has over 238 billion views.


Beauty and skincare content

Some viewers watch for the mind-blowing makeup looks, while others watch for the tips, tricks, and hacks. Whatever the case, the beauty/skincare niche is bigger than ever on TikTok. You can find videos on skincare routines, heatless hair curling methods, cosplay looks, and more. #BeautyHacks has over 25 billion views, and #Beauty has over 162 billion views.


Home renovation and DIY content

This niche is used for both inspiration and advice, as creators document home renovations, share money-saving tips, and give step-by-step instructional videos on specific techniques. Not only is it useful information for anyone who’s trying to do the same thing, but it’s also entertaining for viewers who enjoy watching the transformations. #HomeReno has over 1 billion views, #DIYHome has over 2 billion views, and #HomeRenovation has over 5 billion views.


Fitness content

This category absolutely exploded during the pandemic, with countless viewers looking for tips and inspiration for their at-home fitness routines. Some creators are fitness influencers, who inspire their viewers to emulate their customized workout routines. Others are personal trainers or professional athletes, who add experience and scientific knowledge to their content. #FitTok has over 49 billion views, and #Fitness has nearly 300 billion views.


Dance content

As proven by the likes of Charli D’Amelio, TikTok users just can’t get enough dance content. Some creators focus on highly choreographed moves, while others rely on improvisation. This niche is also known for being home to many viral trends, with certain dance moves being reproduced by millions of TikTok users. In fact, #DanceTok has been the reason for many TikTok stars’ rise to fame.


Entertainment content

#Entertainment is one of the most viewed hashtags on the platform, with over 535 billion views. This makes sense when you realize how broad it is; this category includes skits, viral challenges, funny videos, gaming content, and much more. Some creators share the latest news on celebrities, while others perform their own skits with original characters.


There’s something for everyone on TikTok

Given how varied the content on this platform is, it’s easy to find your place among the countless other creators. Whether you’re interested in sharing DIY construction tips, or you want to show off your makeup skills to the world, you’re sure to find your audience on TikTok.