Top Video Ideas To Gain More TikTok Followers

TikTok, known for its lip-syncing clips, has become a popular platform for sharing short-form videos in the social media world.

With 2.051 billion total users globally and 1 billion monthly active users as of 2024 (according to Backlinko), TikTok boasts enormous growth in both popularity and active engagement. If you’re looking to get started on the platform, we can help!


This blog will discuss different types of videos that will help you boost your TikTok popularity and follower count.

18 TikTok Video Ideas For Gaining More Followers

You might be shocked to know that there are so many great TikTik video ideas for every niche you come across. Your videos can be about different topics like starting a business, food recipe videos, makeup tutorials, and so on. These ideas will help you attract more viewers to your videos.

However, there are people who don’t want to go a long way and make some investment in their TikTok account and buy TikTok followers from authentic marketing platforms. This method is not recommended by TikTok, but people do use it and gain followers instantly.

Let’s forget about the shortcut and talk about maintaining the standards. For this, you need to get some inspiration for creative TikTok videos. Otherwise, the followers you just bought will leave you for better quality content. Following are a few ideas for various types of TikTok videos.

Social Media Challenges

You can connect with social media users by following viral challenges or kicking off your creative hashtag. You don’t have to create a whole new challenge, as there are dozens of challenges; you just have to check the Discover page to see what’s going viral to join the trend. Your follower count increases when these trending challenges sweep through the TikTok wave. The Don’t Rush challenge, Face Wax, Milk Crate, Cha-Cha slide, and Silhouette Challenges are popular examples of TikTok that gained a huge viewership for TikTokers who jumped on the bandwagon.


Dance Your Way to Followers

Groove/Dance is an art that has the power to connect people globally. With the help of social media platforms like TikTok, dancers showcase their talent and creativity worldwide. Your dance moves invite others to join you and elevate your followers.

However, some users needed help to get the desired number of likes in their TikTok dance videos; in that case, those users can purchase TikTok likes and attract many viewers. Some examples of popular TikTok dances are Savage, WAP, Toosie Slide, Say So by Doja Cat, etc. Dance is the most prevailing form in the TikTok industry and has led people to make millions out of it.

Lip-Syncing Blusters

Plump into the music scene! For example, a TikTok page, Lip Sync Battle, shares videos of popular Lip-syncing that are the finest (as they say) for people to enjoy. By doing so, they have secured 4.1M Followers on TikTok. Isn’t this amazing?

You can make your TikTok lip-sync video stand out from others with its creative effects and easy-to-use editing tools. Users have been getting their lip-syncing game on by singing along to popular lyrics and recreating iconic movie scenes.

Dialogue Flimsy

The social media platform Tiktok is filled with cinematic charm! TikTokers are using this platform to twist your script reenactments, whether famous movie dialogue or random chit-chat, as you can see how TikTok user Paige Mackenzie has made a huge number of followers by reenacting famous movie lines with her boyfriend.

Art Videos

You can share your creative art process, from crafts to DIY projects and sculpting to painting. There is so much to share through a TikTok video. Record yourself while making beautiful art pieces, increase the video speed, and post the video. You can also invite your friends and family if they are creative. The concise tutorials captivate and educate the audience in the short TikTok reels. You can fast-forward your TikTok video to fit a tutorial within the time duration.

Well, for your info, the maximum time you can record a video is 10 minutes, but you don’t want to bore your viewers, so it is better to add the time-lapse and keep it short.

You can even get inspiration from different professional artists like popular TikTok account owner Carryscuttlefish, who is famous for miniature art.

Question Answer Rapid Fire

This is a new viral trend in social media platforms like TikTok, which offers a unique way to communicate with your followers. But, the game is all about the tune as the tune speaks louder than the question. For example, there is a video where the dialogue was “This is how I passed chemistry,” and its answer is evident in the video.

These types of Q&A TikTok videos are not only fun to watch, but you can get the chance to know your audience better and even create stronger bonds with them. You can share fun facts or even just ask the audience for their opinions.


Satisfying/ASMR Videos

Serenity in the mundane is found in TikTok’s satisfying/ASMR videos. You can explore the world of calming and satisfying TikTok videos that captivate and relax your TikTok followers. It is tough to explain what it exactly is, but these videos calm your soul by just being ODDLY SATISFYING!

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) (from the raw voices) focuses on creating a satisfying, relaxing, and soothing experience for viewers.


Fruit Slicing, Dicing Video

In fruit-slicing videos, the creator transforms fruit cutting into innovative form. These videos mesmerize with satisfying TikTok videos and leave your followers craving for more. Fruit-slicing videos have the beauty of catching attention as the TikToker beautifully slashes down each fruit.


With TikTok’s new voiceover capability, users can contribute commentary to any video. This function has many applications, so play around with it and create amusing commentary, stories, or anything else that comes to mind, as there are endless possibilities.

Scientific Experiments

Do you recall the science experiments you conducted as a child? Science is often considered a boring or dry subject, but it doesn’t have to be. You can give it another shot and make it engaging for students. With your creative ideas, you can make your TikTok videos engaging. All you need is a smartphone and simple materials that you will use in the experiment. You can create a video that will get your audience excited about the science world.

Sometimes, due to specific reasons, videos need to achieve more views than are required for monetization. In these circumstances, what people do to get rid of this meeting-the-requirement issue is to buy TikTok views from online sources. These views give a boost to their account, hence bringing more traffic. Sometimes, your account needs a little pump to bring your video into the limelight.

Makeover Magic

You can experience the beauty mode revolution by creating stunning makeovers and style beautiful transformations, whether it is wardrobe, makeup, hairstyle, or anything else. You can also use TikTok beauty filters. These types of makeover videos help followers to know more about beauty and transformation.

Influencers Collaboration For Duet Videos

Like any other social media platform, you can collaborate with influencers for a powerful impact on your TikTok account. Collaboration with other creators is a great opportunity to increase your profile reach, as TikTok is the perfect place to join creative minds. Finding influencers with the same interests and values is the best way to achieve successful collaboration for a duet. This duet video can be on a dance challenge or a prank. It can be really fun!

Fitness Videos

You can share your workout routines and inspire others to join the fitness journey. Creating workout videos is a great way to motivate yourself and inspire the audience. There is no limit to the kind of workout videos you can make, so grab your phone, and let’s get started on creating the perfect video.

Culinary Videos

Show your culinary skills or your favorite meals in fast-paced, self-explanatory videos. From ramen to meaty treats, you can share recipes of all times. Cooking clips have never been more addictive, entertaining, and persuasive. If you need to learn how to cook, you can still share videos of your food and ask your followers how you did it. You can get TikTok’s culinary video inspiration from famous TikTok chef CookingwithSherren.

Daily life Routine Video

Ever thought about what it’s like to be someone else? Well, with the ability to create a day in a life, you can take users to experience your journey. You can excite your followers with captivating TikTok videos of your daily routine. For example, if you are going to school, take them along by making a short clip for your followers.


Engage in Live adventures and excitement! Connect with your TikTok followers in real-time and bring a new dimension to your video content mix. From spending time with your family to your travel routine, you can capture the moments and share them with the audience. You can take daily video inspiration from the famous TikTok profile JustElias.

Behind-The-Scene Videos

Behind-the-scenes videos help you to share a little Peek-a-boo moment with the audience. These types of videos are some of the best content ideas. You can share your exclusive look at what goes behind your business or corporation.

Run a Vote Video

Sometimes, it’s fun to pit followers against each other in a TikTok video for any funny or non-serious reason. Share a video of Bracket or vote where you can get followers to consider any option: the weirder, the better. Cold or luke water? What is the best steamed or fried dumplings? Create the debate and watch how the followers’ engagement rushes in.

Though live videos on TikTok are less popular than other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, they have a huge impact you can take advantage of.


I hope these TikTok video ideas have given you the inspiration that you need to generate content for your TikTok.


We recommend trying different types of TikTok videos and innovating your own beautiful and unique style. Social Media platform Tiktok allows you to create and share clips of anything you love. You never know; you might find TikTok users who enjoy your creativity and weirdness.