Why TikTok SEO Is Important For Gaining TikTok Views?

TikTok SEO is optimizing your content to make it more engaging and perceptible. It is meant to  increase your followers, views, and likes with the help of hashtags, keywords, and trends on TikTok. According to Rise At Seven, TikTok Seo service is 116% in customer demand, making it a highly demanded service among users. The following explains why TikTok SEO is important for gaining TikTok views.



What is TikTok?

TikTok, known initially as Duoyin in China, has an active consumer base of more than 1.5 billion. The social media platform TikTok has succeeded by being one of the best lip-sync video applications for years and now works as the ultimate platform where a huge number of people spend their time. Since its inception, it has taken over likes, views, and even the user base of popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


What Is TikTok SEO?

To make it more understandable, TikTok SEO involves enhancing your content for the FYP  or search engine to help you achieve your desired audience’s attention. These TikTok optimizations are there to keep the platform experience engaging and fun for the users. TikTok recommends new videos on consumer engagement behavior that are similar to optimizing your web page for Google SEO.

TikTok is now on the verge of overtaking Google Search and Maps for queries for GenZ. It is globally being adopted as a search engine for all age groups as users find TikTok authentic for reviews and other user-generated information.

According to Rise at Seven, 40% of 18-24-year-olds turn to TikTok over Google when searching for a place to go or eat. Meanwhile, in the fashion industry, TikTok became as 80% useful to bring more brand sales as people watch videos of models wearing their products and want to get them.

Some users find gaining more views for their videos hard, so they prefer to buy views. This will give your account a pump and get the attention of TikTok algorithms towards your account.

Does SEO Work On TikTok?

Yes, SEO works on TikTok if you follow the actual pattern of the video ranking algorithm. TikTok uses auto-fill and comment sections to improve users’ experience in searches like Google. Users are becoming more restless and want fast results for their queries.

If you work as a cosmetic seller, you can create videos on different makeup tutorials suggested by the auto-fill algorithm. Likewise, you can also search relatable TikTok auto keywords and phrases to create relevant TikTok videos for your target audience.

However, TikTok announced that it had expanded its character limit from 300 to 2,200 in September 2022. Expanding character limits means you can add more keywords to your TikTok video description. Your content can crawl through more visibility from a good number of keywords.

For improving rankings, SEOs have depended on long-form SEO content, but the reality is consumers want the answer quick and straightforward.TikTok Search

Before going into details, we need to understand how TikTok users search for TikTok content. The social media platform TikTok’s discovery can be divided into content discovery and active search.

  • Content Discovery: It refers to the content that appears on the consumer’s TikTok FYP. Users use TikTok for entertainment purposes rather than viewing it for any specific topic. It doesn’t matter how good engagement is; the only thing that matters is the video’s content. If you want to have success, you have to optimize your TikTok videos for the discovery method.
  • Active Search: It is used when a consumer uses a search bar to find any specific TikTok content. All well-optimized on-page videos stand a better chance of competing with other content.

Why Should You Care About SEO?

During the research, Oberlo found that, on average, users spend approximately 56 minutes a day on TikTok. According to senior Vice President of Google, Prabhakar Raghavan, around 40% of youth are turning to TikTok instead of Google.

Social Media platform TikTok is becoming the go-to platform for many people, especially those between 18 and 24).

Good Keyword improves the chances of getting TikTok users to engage with your video content. This is the best opportunity for boosting visibility and your account’s standards. You can reach users more efficiently by optimizing your TikTok account and content for your target audience.

Your video content creates higher engagement for your videos by consumers interested in your brand through sharing, saving, and liking.

In this whole TikTok optimization, many TikTokers need help to have the desired ranking and likes; in that scenario, they buy TikTok likes for better ranking.

Users Trust TikTok

There is a vast global debate about whether people should trust TikTok content or not. Research shows that Americans rely more on Google than TikTok, which has distrusted the tech giant. On the other hand, TikTok’s content comes directly from makers. Faith in recommendations and reviews on TikTok is growing.

TikTok Algorithm

TikTok continuously suggests new content to users to keep the social media platform engaging. TikTok shows the video according to the individual’s interest. The platform algorithm decides the footage you see based on the content you watch or search initially.

Social media platforms have been quiet about how video is ranked, as several have confirmed ranking factors accordingly. We can break TikTok’s algorithm into understanding the context of the video, assessing the video, and determining what consumers want in the video.

People who need help understanding the TikTok algorithm invest their money in buying TikTok followers online. That’s why TikTok has started a series of SEO features, creating questions about its credibility to the social platforms YouTube search and Google Search. It showcases search terms when viewing content’s comments bar.


  • Search Bar and auto-suggest
  • Showing up on Google Search
  • Extend its character limit
  • New partnership with Google
  • Roll out ads
  • Featured Snippets
  • Reports now on search traffic
  • Now reporting on average position
  • The increased character limit for captions


Video Data

To recognize what context it has, social media platform TikTok considers videos. With complete information, the video’s algorithm can decide how your content can be ranked in active search and which content to serve it to in content search.

The video data is determined by:

  • The video’s audio is the actual words from the video and any additional audio.
  • Video visuals include format, filters, templates, photo carousels, and Capcut.
  • The textual contexts used in the clip can be in any form, like subtitles, clip titles, or emojis.
  • Relevant captions and hashtags are used to help determine the content’s relevancy.
  • Usage of TikTok sounds can be specified through any specific trending song or clip.


Video Quality

TikTok algorithm relies on the type of content users post. The video’s quality decides the interaction for multiple consumers. It resembles YouTube’s algorithm as it considers the user’s profile and how much content the user watches. This reveals the consumer’s genuine interest in content.

TikTok also takes into profile’s interaction:

  • Likes, Shares, and Comments
  • Gained followers from content
  • Videos not interesting for viewers

User’s Interactions

Tiktok’s unique algorithm differentiates it from search engines and other social media platforms to tailor a consumer’s FYP.

Your content shows up in your video discovery, depending on your interests. Following are individual user interactions:

  • Accounts they follow
  • Liked and shared videos
  • Comments
  • Saved Videos
  • Creators user hide
  • Not interested in flagged vide
  • The time they spend on video
  • Engagement with other accounts

TikTok’s search engine excludes content that it thinks is not important, as if you are not interested in that content.

The following are things:

  • Repeated content
  • Already watched content
  • Spam
  • Harmful content

TikTok also takes into account the user’s device and account settings.



Using SEO to optimize your TikTok video is a game-changer for TikTok users and Marketers. It helps your video to have visibility and the right audience. Tiktok’s unique natural algorithm content is rewarded by marketing and branding.


For marketing purposes, you can engage the platform’s creativity and connect with an audience. For users’ personal use, it is the best opportunity to showcase their talent and create a personal brand.