The Most Popular TikTok Challenges of All Time

On TikTok, viral challenges come and go practically every week. Some of them are centered around using certain sounds or songs; users lip-sync, dance, or film themselves doing something humorous to compliment the audio. Other trends take the form of viral challenges, which users film themselves doing and then post with the corresponding hashtags. However, many of them don’t leave much of an impact; given how many trends are constantly sweeping the platform, it would be impossible to remember them all.


Why are challenges so popular on TikTok? There are many different reasons, but one of the main ones is that they help creators get onto more For You pages. The more people see their content, the more new followers they could get; this gives creators an incentive to join in on any trend that’s relevant to their content. This is just one of many ways for people to grow their followings on the platform. Other ways include duetting with other creators, posting frequently, and making higher-quality videos. If they want instant results, they can also purchase TikTok followers. TikCeleb delivers new followers within minutes of making a purchase, meaning there’s no need to wait before seeing progress.


Even though the average TikTok user probably can’t even remember last month’s top trends, there are some challenges that were big enough to remember well after they happened. In fact, some of them are still around, even if they aren’t as popular as they used to be. If you’re wondering what they could be, these are some of the most viral challenges that the platform has ever seen.


The Savage Challenge

The origins of this challenge lie in Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage”, which became a hit as soon as she released it. However, things went to a whole new level when she put out a remix with Beyonce. TikTok users quickly adopted a special choreography for this song, which showcased their “savage” sides – for some it was brooding and mysterious, for others it was sassy and rambunctious. Currently, the hashtag has close to a billion views.


The Flour Challenge

How do you play a game with people who may be getting on your nerves? As it turns out, the solution may involve dipping their faces in flour. For this challenge, two people (often family members) would sit in front of a bag of flour that was set on the table. Someone would stand behind them, and answer tongue-in-cheek questions like “who has the most annoying laugh?”. They wouldn’t answer verbally, though; instead, they would dip the correct person’s face in the flour! Although the results were pretty hilarious, this challenge definitely required some cleanup afterwards.


The Blinding Lights Challenge

“Blinding Lights” by the Weekend took 2020 by storm, so naturally it became a challenge on TikTok as well. The main feature of this challenge was the use of the song’s audio, together with a matching dance. Unlike many dance challenges, though, users mostly made up their own choreography; many took inspiration from the song’s 80s vibe.


The Level Up Challenge

Was this challenge the reason for the toilet paper shortage during the pandemic? We’ll never know, but it certainly required plenty of rolls. This challenge involved building a wall with toilet paper, which either they or their dogs would jump over. After each jump, another layer was added; this was repeated until the wall got too high to get over without knocking the whole thing down. The accompanying audio was “Level Up” by Ciara, and the challenge garnered millions of views from all over the world.


The Wipe It Down Challenge

BMW Kenny’s “Wipe it Down” provides the background audio for this challenge. Users would film themselves wiping down a mirror in four swipes, but on the last one they “wipe” themselves into an alternate reality for just a second. This was done with the help of makeup or editing, just to make things more interesting! Most people played it as a brief reveal of an alter ego, and a lot of users couldn’t get enough – this challenge got more than 21 million views.


The DNA Test Challenge

TikTok loves Lizzo, whether it’s her body positivity videos or her songs. For this challenge, a line from her song “Truth Hurts” was used as participants revealed their “DNA results”, often in a highly ironic fashion. Some people revealed that they were 100% ogre, unicorn, or teddy bear, while others showed their actual DNA test results.

The “Me Versus” Challenge

Have you ever been in situations where you just couldn’t win? Maybe you were trying to shoo a bug out of the window, and it ended up flying right in your face. Perhaps you were hoping to brighten your day with a McDonald’s ice cream, only to find out that the machine was broken. This challenge gave TikTok users a chance to dramatize those moments in video form, finding humor in the feeling that the universe is out to get you.


The Beautiful People Challenge

A lot of TikTok challenges aren’t ones that you’d necessarily show to your grandparents, but this is one that’s great for the whole family. Ed Sheeran’s song “Beautiful People” was used as the background audio for videos about beloved family and friends, showing off their beautiful smiles to millions of viewers. There is one danger with this challenge, though; you should prepare yourself to shed a few tears when watching these videos!


The Art Project Challenge

Everyone likes showing off their artistic abilities, and this challenge gave them the perfect opportunity to do just that. Users showcased their best artwork, as well as a few glimpses into their creative processes as well. The challenge resulted in a slew of videos featuring custom clothes, intricate paintings, handcrafted furniture, and more.


There’s never a shortage of challenges on TikTok

Even if a lot of these challenges aren’t actually that challenging, they still provide loads of fun for TikTok users. The best part? There are always new challenges being introduced, so no matter what type of trend you like participating in, you’re sure to have plenty of options to choose from.