Original Content vs. Following TikTok Trends: How to Find a Balance


If you know anything about TikTok, you will have heard about the countless trends that are constantly becoming popular on the platform. They aren’t just fun to participate in; they also help creators get more exposure for their videos. Since the goal for many people is to grow their following as quickly as possible, they have an incentive to follow each new trend as soon as it starts gaining traction. However, they may not realize that they’re following trends at the expense of making original content. Joining in on viral challenges or lip-syncing to popular songs may be great for boosting fanbases, but creators should be known for something more than just doing what everyone else is doing. On the other hand, original content isn’t always algorithm-friendly, and may not have as much of a payoff in terms of getting new followers.

Fortunately, there are other ways to grow your following on TikTok, regardless of the type of content you make. For instance, you can buy TikTok likes from TikCeleb to quickly boost your videos. Other users will see how many likes you have, and assume that your content is worth checking out; with the right strategies, this interest can be leveraged into long-term growth.

Before that happens, though, it’s important to figure out which direction your videos will go in. Will you just chase all the trends in the hope of going viral, or will you focus on more creatively fulfilling content? As it turns out, you can do both!


What counts as original content?

For some people, “original content” has a pretty narrow meaning – it’s a completely original idea, developed and executed by the creator. However, it’s pretty difficult to make something that’s 100% original; everything is copied to some extent. The key is putting your own unique stamp on the content, so that it’s your creative brainchild and not just a clone of a thousand other videos.


According to this broader definition, there are limitless ways to make original content. Sure, there are a million “What I Eat in a Day” videos on TikTok, but you can make your own completely original version. The same goes for tutorials, morning routine videos, challenges, and more. This isn’t to say that you should avoid following trends; those are great too! The point is that you aren’t totally relying on TikTok trends to dictate which videos you make. You’re also coming up with your own ideas, or at least your own versions of popular video formats that will keep your viewers interested. With that in mind, here are some examples of popular videos that you can recreate as original content for your own followers.


Use overlaid text to get the message across

A popular video format on TikTok is to film an entertaining video set to a song or sound, and overlay text that communicates what you have to say. Whether it’s a hot take or an inspiring quote, you can slap the text over any video that suits the vibe. This type of video is extremely easy to personalize; not only are you using your own words for the text portion, but you can also film whatever you want for the video part. Some people show off their dance moves or pull an athletic stunt; others may simply smile and point at the text while bopping to the music.


Share a tutorial

Tutorials are a versatile way to entertain and educate your followers at the same time. The best part? Even though they’re a fairly specific type of video, they can be used for almost anything. From makeup artists to dairy farmers, pretty much anyone can share a TikTok tutorial that their users will find relevant. If a creator showcases any type of skill on the platform, they have the opportunity to make tutorial or how-to videos. In fact, you don’t even need any particular skills to turn something into a tutorial. Case in point: many fashion TikTokers create their brands around buying and trying on clothes, which really doesn’t require much technical knowledge. Even so, they can still put out tutorials on how to make jeans fit better, how to style oddly fitting shirts, and so on. It just goes to show how easy it is to make content unique.


Start a series

Everyone likes a good series, whether it’s a Netflix show or another installment from their favorite TikTok creator. If you want to bring both style and substance to your TikTok page, maybe you should consider starting a series. For example, an account that focuses on cooking content could make a series about recreating viral TikTok recipes, but with a gourmet twist. Series episodes could make recurring appearances on your page as needed, or they could be planned out with a specific number of episodes. Regardless, it’s a great way to get viewers invested in your videos.


Vlog your life

A lot of creators focus on carefully filmed videos, where every shot is lined up just so. This type of content may look great, but it doesn’t feel quite as up-close-and-personal as a candid vlog. Many fanbases on TikTok can’t get enough of their favorite creators; if this is true for you, vlogs would be the perfect way to give them a window into your life. Popular types of vlogs involve morning routines, running errands, preparing meals, vacations, and so on. Even though there are millions of these types of videos on TikTok, you can still make yours original with your own personality, filming style, and routine. The main challenge here will be editing down all that footage into just a couple of minutes!


Finding a balance between original and trending content isn’t as hard as you might think

TikTok’s algorithm may favor trending hashtags and viral challenges, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow your following with original videos. Your content plan should ideally have a mix of both, so you can play along with the algorithm while still providing entertaining, relevant content for your fans.