Maximize the Impact of Your TikTok Videos with Music

Music is a crucial element creators need to pay attention to when it comes to producing captivating short-form videos that will stand out from the crowd on TikTok. Here we’ll take a look at the significant role musical tracks can play when it comes to boosting the appeal of your videos, boosting your views and overall engagement when done correctly.


How Music Affects TikTok Engagement

More than just being a nice addition to your videos on TikTok, the music you choose is much more important than you think when it comes to the user experience as they flick from video to video. Not only is it a great platform for artists to launch or promote their musical career, but creators can tap into the power of songs to hook their audience, especially when it ties in perfectly with the theme of the video.


TikTok has an extraordinary power to catapult new songs to viral status, and also resurrect older tracks from many years ago and bring them into the 21st century. We’re sure you all know the classic ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac, or how about the long-forgotten ‘Bloody Mary’ by Lady Gaga which was revived again thanks to the hit show Wednesday.


A critical factor in TikTok’s music-centric success is the profound connection it creates between the audio track and the viewer. Music is not just an auditory experience, but it creates an emotional connection that can captivate and hold its audience, leaving them still humming the tune many days later.


TikTok found that 88% of its users believe sound is essential to the experience they have on the app, and the mix of audio and visual even makes watching ads on the platform more enjoyable.


How to Select Music for your TikTok Videos

Choosing the right music in the right style and at the right tempo for your TikTok videos is a strategic move that will hugely influence your content’s success. As a creator, you should always stay up to date with the latest trending tracks both on the charts and on the platform, as it’s been proven that these generate massive amounts of engagement, with people wanting to engage with their new favourite song combined with unique and diverse visuals that resonate with them.


The best creators always aim to align their music choices with the mood and message they want to convey. Upbeat and fun tracks work well with dancing or fitness related content, but softer, more gentle music pairs well with storytelling or videos designed to evoke emotions.


Of course, it goes without saying that your demographic is key to keeping your video relevant and relatable, as young viewers lean towards recent pop hits, while older users will appreciate a mix of different genres they are familiar with.


It’s always good to experiment with your musical choices depending on your own unique style of video making. You can always get your friends opinions before you post too.


Whatever music you choose, it must always reinforce your intended message or theme, not detract from it. Everything from dance challenges and lip-syncs to comedy skits and fashion showcases will benefit from music backing tracks.


Think Out of the Box for Music Selection in TikTok Videos

To harness TikTok’s musical potential, consider licensing popular tracks that are trending, using unique branded sounds, or creating original audio for your campaigns. This could mean remixing a track with online software or just changing the speed of the song to create something different that nobody has heard before. This approach not only enhances your videos’ appeal but also boosts their viral potential.


In addition, TikTok’s Commercial Music Library gives creators a large selection of licensed music, a valuable tool when seeking the perfect audio backdrop. With thousands of songs to choose from it can sometimes be tricky, but that perfect tune is just waiting for you to discover.


Music’s role in the success of TikTok videos is paramount, a key factor that not only elevates individual videos but also influences music industry trends. By strategically utilizing music and some simple tips and tricks, creators as well as brands can maximize their TikTok content’s impact, engaging audiences and boosting follower count in a meaningful and profound manner.