How TikTok Trends Grow And Evolve?

Did you know the number of active TikTok users rose to 900.7 million in 2024? The TikTok market has been increasing with each passing year. But have you ever given a thought to how this all began?


The story of TikTok started in 2017 when it came into existence in international markets as a version of the Chinese app Douyin. Later, it became famous when the company acquired in 2018. Well, the rest is history!


How has TikTok become a social media giant that even the business sector is entering this domain? The answer is very simple: the company started a new style of trend culture. TikTok became a platform where one local trend goes viral and evolves into an internationally followed trend.


Understanding this trend culture is important for newbies and people looking for follower growth. So, here you will find the answers to your question: how do TikTok trends grow and evolve?


The Birth Of Trends

In the middle of the 20th century, the concept of trend became quite popular, and various industries were using it. At that time, the word trend was used to explain the change of direction or, simply put, navigating to a particular direction.


Since this word was widely used, it evolved into its meaning in the late 1906s. It was used in the fields of fashion, commerce, and lifestyle to describe something that is, according to the current times, “up-to-date.” Do you understand where we are getting with this? Trends are important at this time.


However, when we come to the sociology of this word, we will get to know that trends are something that gives people a sense of belonging. It is a desire to be a part of what everyone is doing. It is something you do to fit in the crowd.


This is where the concept of the trend came in general. But, in terms of TikTok, the trend means an action, song, product, or anything objective that became famous and adopted by a group of individuals.


There is no actual evidence of the first TikTok trend ever. However, we can say that it has to be something adopted from For example, do you remember the #DontJudgeChallenge on People used to do weird stuff on their faces and make lip-syncing videos. This later was adopted by TikTok when it acquired


What Makes It Viral? The Trend’s Virality

Do you know how many views will make your video viral on TikTok? Well, it is said that if you get thousands of views within a span of 1 to 2 days, it will make your videos viral. Viral videos often set trends for others to follow. But remember that not every video that goes viral will set the trend. But what sugar, spice, and other alchemical ingredients are needed for this virality?


Getting on the #ForYouPage is not that easy. You need to impress your viewers, plus the TikTok algorithms!


Catchy Infectious Tunes

Music is what keeps the viewers glued to your videos. They are like a sonic siren song; the right music can lure viewers in and trap them in the vortex of a trend. A catchy melody or a thumping beat instantly grabs attention, making viewers tap their feet and involuntarily mimic the accompanying dance moves.


Remember “Old Town Road”? Lil Nas X’s country-rap mashup had audiences worldwide square-dancing in their kitchens, propelled by its infectious twang and boot-stomping beat.


Tickling the Humor Bone

Viewers enjoy good humor which makes them even in the worst times of their life. Humor is a universal language, and laughter is undeniably contagious on TikTok. A trend that tickles the funny bone has a higher chance of being shared and replicated.


Whether it’s a witty skit, a relatable meme, or a perfectly timed facial expression, laughter breaks down barriers and creates a sense of shared joy, propelling the trend forward.


The #BussItChallenge, with its sassy lip-syncing and unexpected wardrobe transitions, had everyone cackling and mimicking, solidifying its viral status.


Relatable Realities

Trends that resonate with viewers’ lived experiences strike a powerful chord. Whether it’s a relatable struggle with morning routines, a heartwarming moment with a pet, or a clever hack for everyday problems, viewers connect with the authenticity and find themselves reflected in the content.


The #QuarantineLife trend during the pandemic resonated with millions stuck at home, offering a window into shared experiences and having a sense of community.


Duet and Stitch

TikTok’s unique features like “duets” and “stitches” add a layer of interactivity that turbocharges virality. Users can add their own spin to an existing trend, building upon it, challenging it, or offering a hilarious counterpoint.


These remixes keep the trend fresh and engaging, drawing in new participants and extending its lifespan. #Renegade, a dance trend started by Jalaiah Harmon, exploded as millions dueted, stitched, and added their own creative flair, spawning countless variations and solidifying its place in TikTok history.


Influencer Or Celebrity

When a trend catches the eye of an influencer or celebrity, its trajectory changes instantly. Their vast followings and influential status act as amplifiers, boosting the trend’s visibility and reach.


A single TikTok posted by Charli D’Amelio can launch a dance challenge into the stratosphere, while a comedic skit shared by Kevin Hart can turn a meme into a cultural phenomenon.


Final Thoughts

There is no rule of thumb on how trends grow and evolve, but when you do something out of the box, no matter what category you choose, chances are that you go viral. Virality can turn your video into a trend and make you the trendsetter. That’s why understanding the factors of virality can be invaluable for creators who want to ride the wave of a trend and see their content reach new heights.


So, remember, when crafting your next TikTok masterpiece, sprinkle in some catchy music, a dash of humour, and a dollop of relatability, and don’t forget to leverage the power of duets and stitches.


With a bit of luck and a well-timed celebrity boost, your trend might just become the next viral sensation, taking the world by storm.