What to Do If You’re Having a Hard Time Connecting with Your TikTok Followers

There are tons of content creators on TikTok, and even more viewers who visit the platform every week. Some TikTok creators quickly develop a bond with their followers; this could be due to their sparkling personality, their high-quality videos, or some other factor. Other creators aren’t so lucky. Even if they post regularly and encourage interaction in the comments, somehow they can’t seem to grow a dynamic following. You may have come across this type of TikTok account – each video ends with a call to action like “let me know your thoughts in the comments below!”, but there are only a couple of comments. This hypothetical creator could also be posting on a daily basis, but only get a few dozen views per video.

If you’re struggling with similar problems, it can feel like you’re trying to climb uphill while wearing roller skates. Some people blame the algorithm, and it’s possible that this is part of the problem. However, it’s even more likely that they’re making a few basic mistakes that are hurting their chances of succeeding. The most common mistakes are listed below, as well as their solutions. The good news? They’re all pretty easy to identify and correct. By adjusting your strategy as a TikTok creator, you could start seeing positive changes in the growth of your account before you know it!


The problem: your content isn’t relevant to your followers’ lives

As an example, take lifestyle-oriented TikTok accounts. The creators do make their own lives the focus of the content, but they also make sure each video provides value to the viewers. In some cases, it’s simply the pristine aesthetic of the videos that keep people coming back. In other cases, it’s the self-care advice or relatable humor. The mere act of filming your daily routines isn’t enough; there has to be some angle that makes it relatable for your viewers. If you’re just presenting certain aspects of your life without any attempt at making it relevant to others, it can come off the wrong way.


The solution: make content that your viewers can connect with

Whether you make lifestyle videos or do viral dance challenges, you should think about how each piece of content will appeal to viewers. Will they see what you’re doing and think “hey, I should/could do that too”? Or will they watch a video and think that you’re just showing off? It’s all about presentation, so be aware of that as you film and edit your videos.


The problem: your content doesn’t look visually appealing

If you haven’t noticed, TikTok is very visuals-oriented. A lot of the content on this platform is all about colorful graphics, jazzy transition effects, animated facial expressions, and so on. Even if they’re made in a calmer style, they’re still very visually appealing. Well, that’s what much of the successful videos are like, anyway. There are also countless videos that nobody ever sees, because the algorithm determines that viewers simply aren’t interested. These videos are often badly lit, filmed from awkward angles, poorly edited, and so on.


The solution: put more effort into making your videos look good

Visual appeal is one of the most foundational aspects of a successful TikTok video, so you should keep that in mind throughout every stage of content creation. Are you about to start filming? See if the lighting or background needs improvement. You may also need to adjust your setup or techniques, so that you’re filming from a more flattering angle. Do your videos lack momentum or vigor? Maybe you should consider spicing things up with more editing. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, there are plenty of video editors who can do it for you at an affordable price.


The problem: your videos lack a definite personality or consistent branding

This particular issue isn’t necessarily a reflection on you personally; it’s mostly a reflection on your ability to communicate via video. You could be the most charismatic person in your friend group, but if you don’t know how to bring that to a video, your viewers will have no clue just how great you are. A lack of branding could be a related issue; this is also a matter of not getting a consistent message across. A good way to brand your videos is to buy views from reliable providers.


The solution: decide on the “voice” you want your videos to have

Even if you aren’t trying to establish a formal brand, it would still be helpful to approach your TikTok account as if you were. This will help your videos be more consistent in quality and tone, which will make them more appealing to your followers. Think of the brand voice you want to go for – is it funny and a bit zany, or entertaining yet authoritative? This will provide more context for viewers, and make you seem like a pro TikTok creator.


The problem: your engagement is low

It’s always tragic to see enthusiastic creators who get hardly any engagement. Even if they’re clearly putting effort into their videos, they get barely any comments or likes. In many cases, the issue is that their videos just don’t inspire viewers to share their opinions. This could be because their pacing is too slow, or because they just aren’t that exciting. You might also be shooting yourself in the foot if you aren’t interacting with followers in the comment section.


The solution: use different strategies to stir up viewer interest

There are plenty of ways to get people commenting. For example, you could stir up a bit of controversy, or share some information that isn’t common knowledge. Humor is also a great way to get people going in the comment section.

To boost engagement even further, make sure you respond to commenters. You don’t have to reply to every single comment, but keep an eye out for the ones that seem especially relevant. When your followers see that you regularly answer questions or react to hilarious hot takes, they’ll be even more motivated to comment on each new upload.