What Are The Biggest Trends To Look Forward To On TikTok For 2024?

Every year, the TikTok community brings a bunch of new challenge videos that go trending and break the record of the previous year. When it comes to figuring out the trends on TikTok, we don’t look at the dance challenges, viral videos, or comedic sketches. Instead, we look at what people are using Tiktok for and what they expect from this platform.


According to the What’s Next 2024 Trend Report, this year is all about taking challenging strategies, feeding viewers’ curiosity, giving a good story, and building trust. Let’s break it down to see how you can align each of these trends to increase your reach on videos.

The Biggest Trends On TikTok In 2024

If you want to reach the peak of views on your TikTok account, follow the ongoing trends. To become a TikTok star, you have to fetch out your creative head and bring new variations to your videos. Follow these trends, as this year can be yours!

1. Risky Moves

Being a creator, you have to forget the polished perfection of the previous year. 2024 on TikTok is all about cracking open the creative clam and embracing bravery. This year, the platform will explode with a transformative wave. It doesn’t rely on algorithms and trends but on curiosity, imagination, vulnerability, and courage.


Taking risks and baring your soul is the new black in 2024. This is what the famous Pizza Joint Domino’s did when they made the most unexpected move to change everything about the product line. They changed their menu and the entire recipe of their pizzas. This was a brave move for a big company to make but the bravest one. This changed the course of Domino’s, bringing it to the list of customer’s favorites.


The ultimate brand strategy is where quirks become superpowers, vulnerability is strength, and the unknown becomes the unimaginable. For creators, this is an exciting invitation to ditch the “shoulds” and be brave enough to mask your fears. This trend asks you to go into the messy and the imperfect. Use the micro-insights from real experiences in your videos and let them bloom into stories that resonate.


Share your awkward laughs, your unexpected stumbles, the moments where you shed your facade and connect with raw, unapologetic authenticity. That’s where your viewers find themselves reflected, where connections spark, and where you stand out from the polished crowd.


Brands, take note! Your consumers crave a connection, not curation. Don’t shy away from the “what if’s?” This is the time when you try all those marketing tactics that make you wonder whether it would work or not.

2. Feed The Curiosity

According to a survey, 51% of women these days prefer TikTok over Google to search for info. People these days are expecting more from the TikTok community. In the past few years, we have been running after pleasing the algorithms or following dance challenges. Algorithms and following trends are important in the place, but today’s viewers look for answers on Tiktok.


Since well-versed professionals are on TikTok these days, people find solutions for their problems there. Even major fashion brands are on TikTok these days with their own shops. Why would the viewers go for other sources when they are getting they have everything they need to feed their curiosity?


Users arrive on TikTok with an itch to explore, and the creator’s content transforms this itch into an epic rabbit hole of perspectives, insights, and possibilities. It’s not just about finding the “right answer” – it’s about the thrill of the chase, the joy of stumbling upon something you never knew you needed.


As the trend report suggests, you have to dig into the communities your audience already thrives in. You take those behaviors and create content that sparks action and ignites their curiosity.


What you do is:


Know the micro-trends your audience’s behavior is following. You have to be very observant to tune into the subtle shifts in your audience’s interests. Work on the topics that pique their curiosity without dominating the headlines.


Do you remember those “huh, wonder what that means?” moments? This is what this year’s viewer wants you to bring out. Even if you know that the viewer is not currently into it, you have to break the ice and become the conversation starter. Share your own curiosities, ask open-ended questions, and invite your audience to participate.

3. Own Your Storytelling Way

Since now, you have been discussing the hero’s journey and predictable plotlines. Now, you need to be more creative and collaborative while building narratives. The trend is about diverse voices, unexpected formats, and subjects that flip the script on traditional narratives. Here, content comes alive by letting the viewer actively reimagine, riff, and build upon stories.


Stories don’t always start at the beginning. They burst onto the scene mid-action, mid-thought, mid-laugh, sparking curiosity and pulling viewers in before they can scroll away. Think of cliffhangers, unexpected shifts, and questions that are common and relatable.


Brands can tap into this storytelling approach by encouraging viewers to add their own verses, remix music, or respond to prompts in the ongoing narrative.


There’s no “too weird” in the TikTok storytelling, so you can embrace niche interests, celebrate quirks, and go to the unexplored corners of human experience. The more unexpected, the more likely your story will resonate with a community searching for something fresh and different.


Being a creator or brand, you invite viewers to be co-creators, not just passive consumers. Run #hashtag challenges that build upon your brand story, host live Q&A sessions where viewers shape the narrative, and encourage creative responses to your content.

4. Trends That Build Trust

At last, we would like to add that TikTok was made to enjoy videos and get information but mainly for entertainment purposes. Who knew this would become an active part of our lives and that we would carry out business on this app? The day businesses took it to the platform, every move or every video we see is with a purpose, mostly benefiting the business.


In these circumstances, how do you follow these trends and build your viewers’ trust simultaneously? Being a creator, you show the product as it is because people tend to make purchases after viewing your videos. When you keep your videos consistently in this way, you will be able to gain their trust.

Wrapping Up

We have mentioned some of the biggest trends that we see prevailing in 2024. We would like brands or creators to keep these trends in mind while planning their next move on TikTok. Those past ways like dance challenges, hashtags, comedies, or branding are not going away. You just have to modify them a little so that your viewers can reflect on themselves.