Important TikTok Metrics That You Should Consider

TikTok has gathered immense popularity in the landscape of social media channels. The application is used for creating and uploading creative, entertaining, and informative videos. Business marketing teams are using the platform to run their campaigns. If you are one of them or just an aspiring content creator, then you should know about TikTok Metrics. The metrics of TikTok come in handy to help you identify how much the project scored. Let’s have a brief look at the critical metrics that you should consider.


Metrics On TikTok

As a marketer, when you run a campaign on any social media platform, the next thing you do is look into the metrics of the channel to see what ripple effect the advertisement or video has made. The same theory is applicable in the case of TikTok. Its metrics comprise of general overview, content, followers, and live that allow you to determine how successful your campaign was:


Basic Metrics

The analytics section of TikTok allows you to step into the vast horizon of metrics. There is an option for choosing your preferred time duration if you want to see the results of the previous two months. Other than that, the following metrics will assist you in keeping track of the campaign:


Likes: The number of likes your campaign on TikTok received within a period of time plays an essential role in boosting the engagement level.

Comment: The number of comments left by users on your post at that time.

Shares: The number of times your post was shared in that time frame.

Followers: This shows the number of existing followers you have on TikTok and what number got added to that in the specific interval.

Content: Tells how many posts you shared on your profile with your followers over the course of time.

Video Views: Shows the number of times your followers and other users viewed your videos on those particular dates.

Profile Views: Shows the number of times other TikTok users viewed your profile in that time period.

Live: Shows the number of live videos you post on your profile within the time slots.



The good part of the content tab is that it gives you an in-depth insight into the video posts published on your TikTok profile. When we say in-depth, it means from posting frequency to viewer demographics, everything will be broken down into simpler terms.

The content tab provides the users and the marketers with the following metrics:


Video Posts: These show the total number of video posts shared from your profile in a week with your post frequency compared to the previous week.

Likes: The amount of likes your particular TikTok posts receive.

Comments: The number of comments your TikTok post receives.

Shares:  Tells the number of times the users share the video.

Videos That Are Trending:  The videos that received the most number of views in the last seven days.

Videos Views In Section:  Videos on TikTok appear in sections such as For You, Following feed, sounds, hashtags, or searches. The views collected from these sources count as video views by section.

Video Views In Region: Show in which regions or locations your video was viewed the most. Giving you an idea of where your fans belong.

Average Watch Time: The average duration of watch time obtained on your video.

Watched Full Video: The number of times your video was watched or viewed till the end.

Total Playtime: The total number of watchtime hours for all the viewers watching a particular video.

Reached Audience: This displays how many viewers watched your TikTok posts.



The users are eager and excited to know about their followers and origins. Therefore, to facilitate the knowledge, TikTok has a followers tab that holds the demographic details of the people who have been supporting your content since the beginning or joined recently:


Total Followers: The total number of followers your TikTok profile has attracted.


Growth Rate: It shows how many followers follow or have unfollowed your TikTok profile in a given time frame.


Gender: The gender part is divided into what percentage of males and females are following your TikTok account.


Top Territories:  You may find the top 5 locations where your followers reside.


Follower Activity: The follower activity represents the hour and day your fans were the most active on TikTok.


Videos Your Followers Watched: Your most watched videos will be compiled, and the ones your followers showed the most interest in will be compiled.


Sounds That Attracted Your Followers: The list of sounds that attracted your followers the most and went viral on the platform.



Isn’t it fun to go live on TikTok, especially when you have a good follower base of 1K followers or even exceeding the figure? We bet it must be. The excitement is transported to another level when the tab enables you to see through the following metrics:


Total Views: It shows how many people viewed your live videos within a period of time.


Total Time:  It displays the grand compilation of live shows hosted by the user for a fixed duration.


New Followers:  The new users who followed you while you were hosting the live session. The wish of every user and marketer.


Top Viewer Count: The top viewer count shows how many people joined your live session as soon as you started or in a specific time period.


Unique Views: The number of viewers who entered your live video at least once.


Diamond: Diamonds are the gift tokens sent by your followers after watching your live video. These tokens can be exchanged for money.


Who can forget the power of hashtags? The small symbol instantly elevates your post on TikTok. Not only this, but challenges and trends are also created, keeping specific hashtags in mind. The particular ones help the users in finding the content they are most likely to show interest in.


Hashtag Views

TikTok analytics gives the hashtag view metric option to show the number of times a post with that particular hashtag was used. Sounds great, right? You can access the metric by searching for the hashtag and getting your desired results there. In the form, the total views the hashtag received, similar hashtags, and trending videos used.



We hope you found the blog sufficient enough to check your post analytics through the metrics and assess how well your content is doing on the platform and where it needs improvement. Using these metrics, you can tweak your marketing strategies on TikTok to maximize its effectiveness and boost your brand’s bottom line.