Do You Need Natural Talent to Be a Famous TikTok Star?

If you’re looking for the short answer to this question, here it is – no, you don’t need natural talent to be famous on TikTok. While some TikTok creators are definitely talented, many of them have gotten famous simply by doing things that they love – things that don’t really require much skill. In fact, many users have realized that it is even worth investing a little money into buying some TikTok followers.

If you’ve been wondering if you’re “talented enough” to succeed on TikTok, don’t let that hold you back any longer! Provided you choose a niche that’s right for you, there’s no reason to worry about a lack of talent on your part.


The reason why? A lot of TikTok videos are fairly basic. This includes some of the most popular categories, such as lip-syncing, trending challenges, reaction videos, lifestyle videos, and more. This makes the platform accessible to pretty much anyone, whether or not they’ve developed some skill or other that would look cool on video. This being the case, here are some of the best niches to consider if you don’t already have a talent or skill to put on display.



For a while, this was practically synonymous with TikTok videos, and it’s still one of the platform’s most basic and popular video formats. Users will take trending audios, and lip-sync to them – it’s as simple as that. Sometimes they’ll invent characters with unique outfits or makeup looks, or act out a brief skit. However, this isn’t required; many of them simply turn on the camera and start lip-syncing.


Fitness or weight loss transformation videos

One popular niche on TikTok involves undergoing some kind of physical transformation. Some people want to develop more toned muscles, while others want to lose weight. Even though these things take plenty of dedication and hard work, they don’t necessarily take talent per se. Some creators who’ve done these types of videos have racked up millions of views, which tells you just how popular they are.


Couple goals

Do you have a great relationship with your partner? Maybe your TikTok page could be devoted to documenting your #couplegoals moments together. Some people like to surprise their partners with bizarre questions to see how they react; others simply record special date nights or sweet everyday moments. Since the only skill required is knowing how to record a video on your smartphone, this is a great option for anyone who doesn’t have a specific talent to display on TikTok.


Challenge videos

They’re called “challenges”, even though many of them aren’t even challenging. That doesn’t matter, though; what matters is that pretty much anyone can do them. Some creators base most of their videos off of these challenges; they include:

  • The spicy food challenge, where creators test the limits of their taste buds with spicy snacks and sauces. Some go for fairly ordinary choices, like peppers or standard hot sauces, while others buy specialty products that were meant to provide maximum heat.
  • The face wax challenge, in which creators wax their faces and film their reactions. It isn’t just female creators either; the guys get in on the fun too!
  • The corn cob challenge, where a corn cob is spun rapidly with the help of a drill; this is supposedly meant to test whether participants can eat corn more rapidly with this method. Of course, the main entertainment value comes from the mess that’s usually made.


Arts and crafts

Doesn’t this require creative skills? Sometimes it does, but not necessarily. If you don’t consider yourself to be a crafty person, you can still document your successes and failures as you take on various arts and crafts projects. Show your followers how you complete tutorials, ask for help when things don’t go to plan, and be transparent about how difficult some of the projects are. Not only can these videos be entertaining, but they also make you seem more relatable to viewers who may have the same struggles.


Cooking or baking

This is basically the same concept as arts and crafts, but in the kitchen. Cooking and baking is a mystery to many people, which is why they’re so interested in seeing how a regular person follows unfamiliar recipes. There are plenty of ways to spin this idea. Use novelty recipes, recreate childhood favorites from memory, make copycat recipes from restaurants, or anything else that comes to mind.


Reaction videos

If you’re familiar with YouTube, you’ve probably heard of reaction channels – creators who do nothing but talk about events, celebrity news, or drama. If you’re looking for an idea for TikTok that doesn’t require special talent, this could be it, since you only need a camera and an opinion. You could even specialize in controversial topics or hot takes, which are a great way to boost engagement.


Meme videos

Meme compilation videos can gain a lot of traction, especially if they’re obscure or rare memes. Some people make meme compilation videos that are just a few seconds long, while others spend a lot of time finding several minutes’ worth of memes.


“What I eat in a day” videos

These are quite popular on TikTok, with creators putting their own spins on their videos. Some of them feature healthy meals, others go all-out by filming cheat days. People also film the foods they eat in other countries, or at destinations like Disney World. The advantage of this niche is that, since you’ll always need to eat food, you’ll always have something to film!


Lifestyle videos

TikTok users love bonding with their favorite creators, and lifestyle videos are a great way to do that. These types of videos include grocery hauls, “get ready with me” videos, “day in the life” videos, and more.


You don’t need any special talents to be a successful creator on TikTok

If you’ve been curious about joining the ranks of TikTok creators, go ahead and do it – there are plenty of ways for you to easily create content. If you aren’t sure which niche is right for you, feel free to experiment. You’ll have to choose one eventually, but getting there is half the fun!