A Closer Look at the Top 10 Creators on TikTok

There are plenty of ways to get inspiration for TikTok. Some people look at what other creators are doing in the same niche, while others do research into trending hashtags or audios. Still others take the easy route and simply buy TikTok likes. What if you want inspiration to make it big on the platform, though? In that case, you’ll probably end up looking at the creators who’ve already achieved meteoric success. Through a combination of charisma, persistence, and having a solid team behind them, they’ve managed to accumulate millions of followers (and a pretty nice income too). Even if you never end up with over a hundred million followers on TikTok, checking out popular creators on TikTok can remind you of what’s possible on this platform. Starting with #10 and working our way up from there, here are the biggest TikTok creators in 2023.


#10: Dixie D’Amelio

This is practically a household name at this point, as well as her sister Charli D’Amelio. Dixie D’Amelio may not be as popular as Charli, but she still has a huge following of 54.4 million people. Her content is centered around collaborations with her sister, promoting sponsored products, and vlog-style videos. If there’s a trend going around TikTok, you can bet that Dixie D’Amelio was one of the first people to pick up on it – her account lives on trending content, and her followers can’t get enough of it.

  • 54.4 million followers
  • Following 1,869 people
  • Average of 3,300 comments/video
  • Average of 6,400 shares/video
  • Average of 470,200 likes/video

#9: Domelipa

Domelipa has a charming personality, as well as a talent for lip syncing and dancing. She’s another TikTok creator who’s gained popularity through using trending hashtags and audios in her content. It’s pretty clear that she’s found the magic formula, because millions of people have followed her account so they don’t miss a single video.

  • 64.1 million followers
  • Following 267 people
  • Average of 12,500 comments/video
  • Average of 4,900 shares/video
  • Average of 1.4 million likes/video

#8: Burak Özdemir

This Turkish restaurateur and chef is most famous for his foodie content, where he puts together authentic Turkish recipes as well as his own creations. Many of the recipes are for a hundred or more people, and the large batches of food are definitely a draw for his followers. He also promotes his restaurants, and more recently has been drawing attention to relief efforts for the victims of the 2023 Turkey earthquake. 

  • 69.5 million followers
  • Following 0 people
  • Average of 4,000 comments/video
  • Average of 3,800 shares/video
  • Average of 377,600 likes/video

#7: Kimberly Loaiza

The Mexican-born influencer and singer isn’t just a TikTok star; she also has a career outside of the platform. That hasn’t stopped her from rising to the top of the platform, though. Her most popular videos feature trending dances and sounds, and sometimes include her children and partner.

  • 72.9 million followers
  • Following 322 people
  • Average of 16,300 comments/video
  • Average of 4,900 shares/video
  • Average of 1.2 million likes/video

#6: Zach King

Known for his mind-bending illusions through various filming and editing techniques, Zach King’s videos are made to amaze. He uses techniques like foley work, perfectly clean cuts, and forced perspective to make believable optical illusions. It’s fairly common for TikTok creators to develop advanced editing skills, but Zach King takes them to another level.

  • 73.4 million followers
  • Following 75 people
  • Average of 3,800 comments/video
  • Average of 60,100 shares/video
  • Average of 1.8 million likes/video

#5: Mr. Beast

Even though his most well-known content is posted on YouTube, Mr. Beast puts plenty of effort into his TikTok account as well. His videos aren’t just rehashes of what he puts up on other platforms; he makes sure his TikTok followers get original content. He does promote his YouTube channel as well, but TikTok is still a separate effort for his brand.

  • 77.5 million followers
  • Following 299 people
  • Average of 89,700 comments/video
  • Average of 152,900 shares/video
  • Average of 4 million likes/video

#4: Addison Rae

Just like many other popular TikTokers, Addison Rae got famous for her dance videos, makeup videos, and content promoting sponsored products. She’s amassed quite a following due to her vivacious personality, so it’s no wonder that she’s the fourth most popular TikTok creator.

  • 88.9 million followers
  • Following 2,509 people
  • Average of 9,900 comments/video
  • Average of 47,600 shares/video
  • Average of 1.2 million likes/video

#3: Bella Poarch

Bella’s claim to fame is that fact that she’s the creator of TikTok’s most liked video, clocking in at 61 million likes. The video features her lip syncing along with “M to the B” by Millie B, and it’s still raking in views in 2023. She also uploads a lot of gaming and cosplay content, and is known for her trademark pigtails.

  • 92.9 million followers
  • Following 603 people
  • Average of 10,800 comments/video
  • Average of 18,700 shares/video
  • Average of 1.4 million likes/video

#2: Charli D’Amelio

Along with her sister Dixie, Charli D’Amelio is one of the highest paid TikTok creators worldwide. She uses her competitive dancing skills in her videos, and posts travel vlogs and other lifestyle content as well. Her brand partners have included Airbnb and Amazon, and she’s been named “The Face of TikTok” in an article by the New Yorker.

  • 149.9 million followers
  • Following 1,286 people
  • Average of 23,900 comments/video
  • Average of 285,800 shares/video
  • Average of 1.9 million likes/video

#1: Khaby Lame

Everyone likes a good laugh, and that’s what Khaby Lame gives his 154.8 million followers. He’s famous for his perfect comedic timing, mostly as he pokes fun at ridiculous life hack videos. The platform is full of these videos, which suggest weird or obviously wrong techniques just for the sake of having something to upload. Khaby has found these videos to be a gold mine for his own account, giving him infinite material to react to for his followers.

  • 154.8 million followers
  • Following 78 people
  • Average of 27,500 comments/video
  • Average of 64,600 shares/video
  • Average of 3.8 million likes/video


Which TikTok star will be your inspiration?

TikTok is full of creators who offer something that’s totally unique, so whatever you’re looking for as inspiration on this platform, you’re sure to find it.